List of Contemporary Artists

For your Final Project, you will have four steps – two discussions, one PowerPoint and one research Paper.  Detailed instructions and examples are available in the Week Nine Module.  For the first step, please review the list of artists below and look at the art21 website (Links to an external site.).  

Discuss: For your first post, choose an artist (from the list below) to research for your Power Point and Paper assignments.  Your first post is simply the name of the artist you have selected.

SPECIAL NOTE:  BEFORE YOU SUMBIT YOUR FIRST POST: Make sure and check the discussion to confirm that no one else has chosen the artist you are choosing. Only one (1) student per artist is allowed and the selection will be awarded on the basis of who made the selection first. If you do not participate in this discussion, I will assign an artist to you and you will lose points for not completing the assignment.  I will confirm your selection by adding you name beside the artist you have chosen or been assigned. .

For your second post, please identify why you have selected this artist?  What drew you to their work?  

Art 21 – List of Contemporary Artists

(These artists are selected from a nationally televised show on contemporary artists called Art21.  The website for review and research is (Links to an external site.).  Once you are on the site, you can open the artists section and scroll through the Index to preview their work.)

1. Ai Weiwei-

2. Diana Al-Hadid-

3. Ida Applebroog-

4. Mark Bradford

5. Layla Ali

6. Cai Guo-Qiang-

7. Nick Cave-

8. Michael Ray Charles-

9. Leonardo Drew – 

10. Thilo Frank-

11. Katharina Grosse-

12. Ann Hamilton-

13. Elliot Hundley-

14. Arturo Herrera-

15. William Kentridge-

16. Margaret Kilgallen-

17. Liz Larner-

18. Maya Lin-

19. Trenton Doyle Hancock –

20. Sally Mann-

21. Elizabeth Murray-

22. Ernesto Neto-

23. Damian Ortega-

24. Pepon Osorio-

25. Marin Puryear-

26. Mary Reid Kelley-

27. Mariah Robertson-

28. Doris Salcedo-

29. Avery Singer-

30. Do Ho Suh-

31. Shahzia Sikander-

32. James Turrell-

33. Ursula von Rydingsvard-

34. Kara Walker-

35. Carrie Mae Weems – 

26. Fred Wilson – 

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