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Summative Assessments

The summative assessments are the major activities designed to assess your skills, knowledge and performance, as required to show competency in this unit. These activities should be completed after finishing the Learner Resource. You should complete these as stated below and as instructed by your trainer/assessor.

Knowledge, skills and performance may be termed as:

  • Knowledge – knowledge requirements, required knowledge, essential knowledge, knowledge evidence
  • Skills Performance
    • skill requirements, required skills, essential skills, foundation skills
    • evidence requirements, critical aspects of assessment, performance evidence.

Section A: Knowledge Activity

The Knowledge Activity is a series of activities to confirm your competency for all of the required knowledge in the unit of competency.

Section B: Skills Performance Activity

The Skills Performance Activity is designed to be a practical activity performed based on the information you have obtained in Section A. You should demonstrate the required practical tasks for the unit of competency and be observed by the assessor, as applicable to the situation.

If necessary for the activities, you should attach completed written answers, portfolios or any evidence of competency when submitting this work.

Marking guidance

You will undertake two Summative Assessments as your own work but communicating with others.

To satisfactorily pass this unit, you need to ensure that each component of the Summative Assessment (Sections A & B) is completed, submitted and marked Satisfactory.



See the Unit Outline and listen to your trainer for the due date for this assessment.

You will be supplied with the assessment materials via the Moodle course for this unit.

It is acceptable to prepare and capture parts of your work using word processing, scanned document or other forms of technology (eg audio recordings). When you do this, you MUST name the files correctly and upload them to the Moodle course for this unit.

Make sure that you complete and submit the cover page each time you submit your work for a Summative Assessment.


Feedback and results

You will receive supportive feedback about your work for your Summative Assessments.

See the International Student Handbook for the College’s policies on resubmissions and appeals. You can always talk to your trainer about the feedback and your progress.

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