Using Sources – Myth or Fact – The Pandemic?

Using Sources – Myth or Fact – The Pandemic? 30 30
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For the first post – Due Thursday Night: (300 Words)

  1. Post one myth or fact related to the pandemic that you have heard recently, and if you
    think it is true or not. Keep your post to this topic only.
  2. Google it, click on the first source that comes up and summarize if the sources is
    concluding myth fact, or undetermined.
  3. What is your first impression of the credibility of the source?
  4. Add the full citation to the bottom of your post using MLA format (see bottom of this page
    for the format).
    For the second posts (300 words)- Due Sunday Night:
  5. Choose at least one facts or myths posted by another student. (One student)
  6. For the posted myth or fact, do your own background research using at least one source
    and summarize what you found.
  7. Using the 4 tips for evaluating sources, fully evaluate your source using 1-4.
  8. What can you conclude about the reliability of the source?
  9. Include full citations for all sources.
    How to Cite Web Sources: MLA – See also Library Research
    Guide on Canvas menu
    The following is based on information from Shatford Library. For more information on citing sources go to Citation
    Style: MLA Style ( .
    General format: Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Page or Posting.” Title of Web Site. Sponsor or publisher
    of site, Copyright or Last Updated Day Month Year. Web. Access Day Month Year.
    Example citations for web pages:
    “Cloning Myths.” Learn.Genetics – Genetic Science Learning Center. University of Utah Health Sciences, 2014. Web.
    15 May 2014.
    Luscombe, Belinda. “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Gender Gap.” Time Inc., 11 Nov. 2013. Web.
    9 Jan. 2014.
    If the website is missing any of the required information, skip that part of the citation (the author, for example). If no
    sponsor or publisher is given, use n.p. in your citation. If no copyright or date is given, use n.d.
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