Analyzing Ethical Challenges Across Departments

Three ethical issues are voluntary overtime (across department), confidentiality (hr department) and food theft (f&b department). And the country to focus on is China.

You are the new general manager coming into a hotel, resort, or some kind of accommodation setting such as a cruise ship.  The aim of this paper is for you to examine specific ethical issues in certain departments of a hotel, resort or cruise ship.  The purpose is to describe three ethical issues in a given department, or across departments, and why they are important to address. You will then assess each issue using ethical frameworks, concepts and perspectives of your choice from the readings. Keep in mind the terms, ethical culture and ethical climate. For each issue, you will provide a recommendation as to how to resolve the issue from a management perspective. These ethical issues can be small or large and can involve interactions with guests, other staff, the community, or with the organization and culture itself.   

Select a particular department or departments in the accommodation sector (housekeeping, banquets, front desk, marketing and sales, operations, human resources, finance, security, etc.) in a particular country.  Select three ethical issues or dilemmas specific to the internal workings of the hotel, such as theft, greenwashing, inappropriate behaviour or harassment from guests to staff, or among staff, overbooking, wastage, price gouging, unethical marketing practices, supply chain sourcing, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, negative community/environmental impacts specific to the hotel, wage equity, emotional labour, child or sex trafficking specific to the hotel, ethical issues with the organizational culture, workload, etc.).

Structure of the paper is as follows:

  •  Introduction: Provide the location and general information about the organization you are managing; identify the three issues you wish to address. Describe your ethical perspective, drawing on perspectives from the readings (400 words)
  • For each issue, provide the following:
  • Subtitle for each issue
  • Explain the ethical issue impacts or the moral dilemma. Use ideas from the readings as needed
  • Provide a one-sentence vision of what is to be achieved to resolve the problem
  • Provide a specific set of actions (3-4) and a process to address the matter
  • a total of 400 words per issue
  • Conclusion: explain a timeline, as well as costs required to implement the changes (200 words)

Please ensure that your paper adheres to APA formatting rules and includes a title page, running head and reference page. A minimum of 10 academic sources.

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