Research into Entrepreneurial traits and Leadership styles

Your assessment should be 1,800 words plus or minus 10% words reflective report based on Research into Entrepreneurial traits and Leadership styles. We should reflect on our tests – 4 in total in the context the of research.
Results of the tests – 4 in total which I will send to you and must be included within the appendix.
The thing that is very important to us is that you have to write the reflection based on the 4 appendix that we send you and the result of those 4 surveys, and remind us of our strengths and weaknesses based on our answers in those 4 parts in the reflection.
40% of the assignment should be written in first person (personal understanding).
The other 60% of the assignment should be written in formal report writing ,we should have a brief which I attached for you. As the assignment brief explained everything.

1:We need to write about (Resilience,Leadership visionary,incremental innovation,initiative- customer focus)

2:We need to show evidence of our understanding and need to explain 10 characteristics of a successful entrepreneur:(1) Creativity 2) Professionalism 3) Risk-taking 4) Passion 5) Planning 6) Knowledge 7) Social Skills 8) Open-mindedness towards learning, people, and even failure 9) Empathy 10) The customer is everything)
Should to explain a successful entrepreneur for example Steve Jobs.

3:In addition of these characteristics ,using those skills in my future careers whether in starting my own venture or working in an organization using skills that business needs like innovation and creativity.(in the reflection part)

4:Analyses of your leadership style.(10 common leadership style for example:coach,democratic,autocratic,servant,..)
To examine how your leadership style relates to other styles of leadership.
An example of this is a famous person like Richard Branson.

5: Examples to show how to be attributed, add value or enhance an organisation’s progress.

6: Leadership and enterprounal trial you are understanding of literature and a point of theory and this trades influence and value to this organisation.

7: Support trials giving by enterprounal and leadership styles that you support.

You need to provide citations and the list of references using the Harvard referencing Style.

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