Health/medical issues: ADHD; obesity; eating disorder; infertility; Alzheimer’s disease; COVID

C.W.Mills described ‘sociological imagination’ as an ability to understand “the intersection of one’s own biography and other biographies with history and the present social structure you find yourself and others in.” In short, it is the ability to understand the private in public terms. Essentially, Mills is describing an ability to discern patterns in social events and view personal experiences in light of those patterns. To highlight that, he uses two terms – “the personal troubles of milieu” and “the public issues of social structure.” ‘Troubles’ happen to us as individuals, and are a private matter of individual choices and biography. ‘Issues’ are public matters that transcend the individual, and have to do with societal structures and processes.

Here is the Question!!!

1- For this discussion, I want you to select one of the following health/medical issues, and offer a thoughtful reflection on it as both a hypothetical ‘personal trouble’ and a ‘public issue.’

– ADHD; obesity; eating disorder; infertility; Alzheimer’s disease; COVID.

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