CMST 432 Media Systems and Communication Technology

CMST 432 Media Systems and Communication Technology

Recommended Text and Materials

Hanson, R. E. (2018) Mass communication: Living in a media world (7th ed.). SAGE.

Recommended Resources for Additional Exploration

The Mass Communication student companion website: (Links to an external site.)

This site is a particularly good resource for review of course materials.

Paper Assignment

Discuss the history and development of mass media messages and mass media effects.

Make at least 3 suggestions on how ordinary people can best control the impact of the media in their lives. 

How can ordinary people recognize the effects various media and technology might have on them and society? 

Discuss 2 theories from the textbook that can help people guide their understanding on how the media operate.

Be sure to give examples, using the textbook, current events, and other material as sources. 

The paper must be 6-8 pages (title page and reference page not included). 

You must include at least 5 references (1 must be the textbook). 

Time News Roman. 

Size 12. 


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