Chapter 5: The Role of Public Opinion

Please read the chapters listed below in your textbook.

  • Chapter 5: The Role of Public Opinion
  • Chapter 6: Parties and Elections

Question 1: In Chapter 5, Domhoff discusses the political struggle between conservatives (corporate-conservative) and liberals (liberal-labor) as expressing itself in the arena of public opinion as a conflict over the true meaning of Americanism, or what it means to be a true American. Choosing one of the areas in which, according to Domhoff, the corporate elite attempt to shape public opinion (science, foreign policy, economic policy, or social issues), discuss the ways in which the definition of Americanism has been shaped by the opinion-shaping network for that area. Be sure to specify how this definition is shaped in service to corporate interests. For example – How has the opinion-shaping network swayed the discussion over global warming to serve corporate interests, and how is that opinion aligned with a so-called “true American” way of thinking? Global warming is just an example. You can discuss any policy within the areas of science, foreign policy, economic policy, or social issues that you like.

You may use the example of Edward Snowden and the NSA, which is the topic of some of your web readings for your web assignment for this week, to describe how opinion on foreign and domestic policy is shaped.

Question 2: Chapter 6 offers us insight into the creation and the working of the American political system. Please select one issue from of this chapter and explain why you think it is relevant to our discussion on power and social change. Let’s engage in a fruitful discussion here. If you select an issue that someone else has already written about you must take the analysis further to receive credit for the post.



Domhoff, W.G. (2014). Who Rules America? The Triumph of the Corporate Rich (7th ed). NY: McGraw Hill.

ISBN-13: 978-0078026713

Use only the course materials no outside sources will be accepted for the essay

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