What is a potential ethical issue with this scenario?

  1. FOR 9 POINTS – Read through each of the scenarios below (you only have to do 3):
    1. Jimmy is a 12 year old individual with a history of severe self-injurious behavior in the form of head-banging (resulting in bruises, concussions, and lacerations to their skin). You are trying to do a functional analysis for this head banging behavior and want to ensure that the person does not hurt themselves. That staff members are not trained in handling head-banging and have consulted with you in order to assess this behavior and review next steps. 
    1. Tiffany is a 34 year old individual diagnosed with Down Syndrome and is living in a community integrated living arrangement (CILA). You have been called to consult on her noncompliance with household tasks (e.g. cleaning after self). The staff is frustrated as she does drop to the floor when she does not want to do something. 
    1. Albert is a 14 year old individual diagnosed with minor learning disabilities and is in a mainstream high school classroom. Their IEP states that they are allowed to take 1 break per class for 10 minutes. The teacher reached out to you because the student is taking 20 minute breaks and refuses to do this in any less time. 
    1. Answer these questions for each scenario:
      1. What is a potential ethical issue with this scenario?
      1. How would you address the issue to “fix” this and make sure future work is done correctly? 
    1. This is the rubric in which you will be graded:
Item Needed   
Behavior analytic language    
APA style, grammar, & punctuation    
  • FOR 1 POINT – identify one of the ethical codes we discussed in class and then provide an example of directly violating that code.
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