Transcription Referral Letter

  • Referral Letter
    Dr. Justin Case, Department of Otolaryngology, has dictated a referral letter to Dr. Willie Getwell outlining his examination and treatment of Ima B. Welle. Open the attached voice file, and transcribe the letter utilizing the attached clinic letterhead Word file. The addressee, patient, and dictation author information is noted below. Save your file as follows: Your Last Name Referral Letter (for example, Susan Smith’s file would be named Smith Referral Letter).

    An accurate referral letter earns 25 points. The grading rubric is attached.

    Letter Format:
    Block Format
    Margins: 1″
    Times New Roman 12 Font
    Standard/Mixed Punctuation

    Inside Address:
    Willie Getwell, M.D.
    1234 Anywhere Street
    Madison, WI 53704

    Patient Information:
    Ima B. Welle
    DOB: 01/09/1985
    MRN#: 6114

    Dictation Author Information:
    Justin Case, M.D.
    Department of Otolaryngology
    Johnson Medical Clinic
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