Reflection: Mock Interviews

  • Review the interview guide attached and revised after recording mock interview. Based on your experience with the mock interview, revise your interview guide again. You should use MS Word’s Track Changes function to track changes as you make them, since you will need to turn in the revised interview guide and discuss your rationale for the changes you made. Use the revised interview guide to conduct and record a peer interview with friend or family member. 
  1. The revised interview guide, along with a section describing the rationale for changes you made to it. Those changes should be based on your experience with the mock interview process and on any feedback you received from your instructor on your initial interview guide.(1page)
  2. A section discussing how you might use two different sources and techniques to augment and triangulate your data. Be sure your plan is consistent with your research purpose and research question.(2 page)
  3. A section reflecting on what you learned from about qualitative data analysis from your own experience and an increased understanding of the phenomena gained from the perspective of study participants.(1page)
    Include references to your explanations
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