Reflect on your communication style, are you direct or indirect?

Week 3 Discussion Question: The use of a portfolio document may be sent to a prospective employer or used in your evaluation for a promotion.

● Outline and describe in the discussion those components that you will be working

on in this session to build or improve your professional portfolio and post to the

discussion board.

Week 4 Discussion Question – 

● Prepare three (3) to five (5) questions for your interview about your subject’s

position, responsibilities and practices. Use two different types of interview/survey

questions if possible, obtained through your investigation of research question

formats, such as open-ended, rank, and Likert scale questions that would work in

your interview.

Week 5 Discussion Question –

● In the Week 5 discussion forum you will describe the main points of the interview

content and experience.

● Conduct the Interview and share what are some of the major observations you made in regard to your interview; were you satisfied with the information gained during the interview? What are some of your own personal strengths and weaknesses related to the interview process?

Week 7 Discussion Question: View Video “Apply Learning How to Speak Confidently and Communicate Effectively (Three Tips)” by Linda Raynier (7:55 min) at And then answer-

● Consider your own communication style, share with the class at least two lessons

learned through this video.

● Reflect on your communication style, are you direct or indirect?

● Did you find the three tips in the video useful?

● How can you improve your communication style within your work environment?

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