How do partitions increase the capacity of hard disks?

Based on Chapter 8 in the textbook. 

An old aphorism claims, “You can never have too much money.” Many computer users support a similar maxim, “You can never have too much storage.” Although some computer users turn to hardware solutions for the problem of adequate storage, other users look to software answers, such as hard disk partitions or data compression. Information about both partition software and data compression software is available on the web. 

Visit some websites to find out more about hard disk partitions and data compression. 


1. How do partitions increase the capacity of hard disks? 

2. What kind of data compression is most suitable for communications devices? 

3. What are the most well known data compression algorithms? 

4. How can compression ratios of different algorithms be compared? 

5. What are some formats for data compression archives?


  • Do provide at least one supporting reference. 
  • There should be minimum of three sentences for each of the questions for a total of five paragraphs. Should average out to 2.5 pages in APA format.
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