Case Study on Montreal Olympics

Case Study on Montreal Olympics

Question 1

Use the initial and final WBS to create two high-level budgets for the project. These two should be the initial and final budgets. Explain the difference.

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Question 2

  1. Using the risk sources, describe three major (broad) categories of risks in the project.
  2. Using a table, list at least ten individual risks ranked by severity, and also link each of them to one of the categories in above
  3. For each risk in above, describe at least one thing that was done, or could have been done to mitigate that risk.
  4. Was there adequate quality management processes in place (including quality planning, quality assurance and quality control)? Provide rationale. 

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Both answer are depending on attached case study. But I need Question 1 for my friend and Question 2 for me. Need different answers separately. Both are not related.

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