The Fiction Analysis

Please create a journal entry stating the you understand and acknowledge the following:

1. For Essay 1 (the Fiction Analysis) you should only use quotes from the short story you are analyzing.  Everything else in the essay should be written in your own words.

2. Quoted material in any essay should not exceed 25%.

3. Any quoted material must be in quotation marks and have an MLA in-text citation after it.

4. All papers submitted to a Turnitin drop box will be run through plagiarism software.  This means any sentences or phrases taken verbatim (word for word) from another source will be highlighted and I will have access to the original source. 

5. As stated in the course syllabus,  

Plagiarism is defined as the appropriation of any other person’s work offered for credit.

Collusion is defined as unauthorized collaboration with any other person in preparing work submitted for credit.


  • Students who are found guilty of any act of dishonesty will receive a score of 0 on the exam or assignment that is involved in the act.
  • Students who are found guilty of a second act of dishonesty will receiving a failing grade for the course.
  • Students who are found guilty of a third act of dishonesty will be dismissed from the College for one academic year and must appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for readmission after one year.
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