“Inequality and discrimination towards immigrants”

1. “Inequality and discrimination towards immigrants”

“We the people”, a popular phrase in the United States of America. It was the beginning phrase of the Preamble to the United States Constitution. It was part of the ratified constitution in 1788 saying that the American government was established to serve the people under this country. But which people is it referring to? It was said that those people are only those who voted to ratify it, which was define as free, white men, meaning no women or people of color were given a voice in forming the new government. Many people left their family and went to America in the 1800s. They ventured into the United States because of the vast opportunities available in this country. Although there were no immigrants in America that time, discrimination was widespread here in terms of color. It spread even more when people from other countries were allowed to enter and live within US. Today, nationality and culture are also the norm to experience discrimination. That include immigrants, who has a great contribution to the United States of America’s economy. In fact, according to the Department of Homeland and Security, immigrants work at high rates and make up more than a third of the workforce in some industries. They are also considered as taxpayers just like what the citizens do. They should be considered as part of the Preamble of the U.S Constitution because they are also helping and serving the country. USA as a free country is only applicable to citizens because everyone else, are subject to limitations such as benefits and rights. Government should give an equal treatment between US citizens and immigrants because both categories have the same needs and are doing the same obligation in this country.

Immigrants are one of the major reasons for having an overpopulated country. They are bringing their family from their home country to reunite and live with them here in the USA, and once they are together, they will start building a family that will add to the population of America and will also increase the number of people who will need support from the government. Not only immigrants did that, but also US citizens. Citizens brought their partner here in US through IR1 or CR1 petition which is an immigrant visa for a spouse of a US citizen. Aside from that, unlike immigrants who can only petition immediate relative like their child and spouse, US citizens has more rights and power to petition not only their partnes and their child, but they can also sponsor their siblings and parents living abroad which can may further affect population growth. Regardless, the petitioned family member from different category will basically do the same thing when they get here. They will both work, pay taxes, and be a responsible resident, which means they will not be a burden. Population is just a number, but the contribution they can do on this country is much more than a number.  If the US citizens has the right to do that without receiving any judgement, so does the lawful immigrant. 

 Immigrants caused harm and threat to the government and the people in the United States of America. They are the cause of trouble and disagreement between the citizens and the government. Since President Joe Biden took all the responsibilities in the White House, he puts the welfare of the immigrant ahead of the welfare of the true people of America. They often hold rallies for their own sake, they do not think of the fear they cause to the people around them. But what really pushed them to do such violence? It is the lack of support they are getting from the government and the unjustifiable treatment from the citizens. Lawful immigrants went through the needle hole before they were granted a visa to enter United States of America. They waited a long time, some even took 23 years to get here. The immigration investigated their identity first before they came here. So why are they being accused of harm and threat to the country if the US citizens working in immigration themselves, gave the permission to enter. There are religious groups in the US such as Roman Catholic who fought for the rights of immigrants. Why? Because their eyes were open, they saw inequality and unjust allegations as being a member of terrorist. If you were accused of something you did not do, will you not defend yourself? And if you see that you are not given the right you deserve, will you not take any action? Their action is the result of the treatment they receive from the people and the government.

 Having a huge number of immigrant is the cause of poor economy. Other funds that should be allocated towards projects to develop the country have even gone to the benefits that will be provided to the immigrant. It sounds that the immigrants are getting all the favor? No. In fact, immigrants are paying taxes with the same percentage of what the citizens had. They are working hard, paying their contributions to their health insurance, and are paying the sales tax too which went through the government funds for the country. Some immigrants are building their own business that helped the economy to rise. Their geographic quality helps native economies reply to employee shortages, smoothing out bumps that would otherwise weaken the economy. Therefore, immigrants should not cling to the accusations that they are the cause of the existence of a poor economy.

 Lawful immigrants are isolating and forming their own organization and community against government. They were forming a group so they can still live normally and according to their culture. Yes, they may have their own culture and community, but that does not mean they are not open adapting any other culture. Filipino community is one of the examples, it was formed not because we are trying to be against the government nor the citizens, but it was the pride. A pride that will show wherever we are, we never degraded and discriminated anyone, and that is how our culture is, we are equal. If immigrants are isolating, then why there are a lot of Americans who wanted and already adapted other cultures too. From the way of living, traditions, and even the foods. In other words, it is not immigrants who isolate themselves, but the citizens. Citizens must stop labeling such private community as an organization built against government and Americans, because it is clearly for family and cultural purposes.

 Immigrants are stealing the national identity. The presence of immigrants distorts the native population’s national identity. As a result, they worry that they will lose their sense of happiness to their own nation. Because of immigrants, the characteristic of a true American has become obsolete. But the real thing is, American will still be American. And the other nationalities who are already citizens will remain being characterized to who and where they came from. Immigrants are not stealing anything. In fact, they are adapting everything because they know where to place and categorized themselves. Immigrants might claim that they are US citizen through naturalization, but when you ask them about their identity, they will still definitely say their nationality to where they are born from. There are popular personalities who are US citizen by birth like Bruno Mars and Vanessa Hudgens. Whenever they introduced themselves as Filipino-American, is that considered stealing of national identity too? No. They just know who they are and the roots they came from. If a US citizen know his or her identity, then they have nothing to worry and be threatened about. There is a big difference between an American by blood and an American by law and paper.

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