Compare and contrast the operations strategies of two companies

As a postgraduate level student, you may have some concerns about your ability to write at the high standard required. This short guide is intended to provide general guidance and advice.

1. A title, with your student number, module, lecturers name and any other documentation required by the university
2. A contents page and if appropriate, an abstract.
3. An introduction which acts as a ‘map’ to the rest of the document, describing the aim or purpose of the work and explaining how this aim is achieved. At this point it is usually helpful to paraphrase your conclusion.
4. Evidence of an appropriate level of background reading of relevant texts
5. Evidence of systematic and clear thinking, indicative of good planning and organisation
6. Writing which makes sense, is clearly and carefully presented (proof read and grammar checked)
7. A critical style of writing which compares and contrasts the main theories, concepts and arguments with conclusions that are based in evidence presented.
8. High levels of accurate academic referencing.
9. A logical and well-defined structure with headings and subheadings.
10. Clearly labelled and well-presented diagrams and other graphics that are discussed in the text
11. Adherence to usual academic standards including length and a timely submission
12. A reference section in which every source that is cited in the text is listed.

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