How can you tell this is a research study?

How can you tell this is a research study


Directions: Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article from within the past 5 years relating to your own PICO(T) question. Place your name and date you found the article on the first page of the article. Highlight the APA article following the prompts below. Upload the article to CANVAS:

  1. Highlight the essential parts of the study addressed within the abstract.
  2. Highlight the problem statement and significance to nursing practice.
  3. Highlight the purpose of the study.
  4. Highlight the type of research method used.
  5. Highlight the applications to nursing practice.

If you can not find the components above go back and find another article because you have chosen a poor article, caution do not use websites, use actual data bases in your online library to search for this assignment.

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