Describe and analyze the main ideas in Aristotle’s Politics

Please answer the following essay questions in writing (typed, double spaced). The answers may be as long as you like, although about 500 words for each answer would be appropriate. Your answers should be in your own words, No quotes from any source is allowed

1. What are the essential ideas put forth in Pericles’ Funeral Oration? Are they applicable to modern politics? Why or why not?

2. Briefly describe the main parts of Plato’s Apology, namely Socrates’ refutation of the charges leveled against him, his suggestion of an alternative punishment, and his farewell. What did Socrates value most, and do you think he got what he wanted out of his life?

3. Describe and analyze the main ideas in Aristotle’s Politics. According to Aristotle, how do people organize themselves and what kind of polity allows them to live the good life?

4. St. Augustine’s “City of God” is a classic text of Christian thought in the Middle Ages. Explain why he argues that the human race was condemned by original sin, why government must be obeyed, and why true justice and peace are not of this world.

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