Prehistory, ANE, Egypt, Aegean

Define the following

  1. Paleolithic
  2. Neolithic
  3. Mesolithic
  4. Pharaoh
  5. Vizier
  6. Monarchy
  7. Theocracy
  8. Monotheism
  9. Polytheism
  10. Cuneiform
  11. Hieroglyphics
  12. Menhir
  13. Dolmen
  14. Cromlech
  15. Votive
  16. Dynasty
  17. Regent
  18. Fresco
  19. Hierarchic scale
  20. Canon of proportions

Name 2 characteristics of the following cultures’ art:

21-22) Egyptian

23-24) Amarna Period

25-26) Minoan

27-28) Mycenaean

29-30) Neolithic

31-32) Paleolithic

33-34) Sumerian

35-36) Akkadian/Assyrian

Short answers:

37) Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey?

38) What is the Fertile Crescent?

39) How would you define civilization?

40) What was the world’s first civilization?

41) What was the world’s first nation state?

42) Who was the first monotheist?

Multiple choice and short answer:

43) Which of these was NOT a major Aegean Greek civilization?

a) Mycenaeans b) Trojans     c) Minoans    d) Cycladic

44) Which of these was NOT a group of archaic Greeks?

a) Ionians    b) Spartans   c) Dorians   d) Aeolians

45) Which building had the world’s first plumbing system?

a) Palace of Knossos   b) Colosseum   c) Baths of Caracalla  d) Livia’s Palazzo

46) Who invented plumbing?

47) What culture had Knossos as its capital?

48) Where were the earliest known cave paintings created?

a) Lascaux     b) Altamira   c) Chauvet  d) Peche Merle

49)Which of these is NOT a location where cave painting can be found?

a) Jericho   b) Lascaux   c) Chauvet   d) Altamira

50 – 52) What are the names for the 3 eras of prehistory?

53-54) What were 2 Sumerian innovations/inventions?

55) Which of these was NOT a Sumerian god?

a) Anu   b) Ahriman    c) Enki    d) Ishtar  e) Ea

56) Which artwork is considered the masterpiece of the Ancient Near East?

a) Bust of Nefertiti  b) Standard of Ur   c) Hunting Reliefs   d) Mona Lisa

57) Which artwork is considered the masterpieces of the Sumerians?

a) Bust of Nefertiti  b) Standard of Ur   c) Hunting Reliefs   d) Mona Lisa

58)  Who wrote the first complete set of laws?

a) Ur-Nammu   b) Napoleon   c) Justinian  d) Hammurabi

59) Who was the first known artist?

a) Michelangelo   b) Imhotep   c) Djoser  d) Ramesses II

60-62) List the 3 major periods of Egyptian history

63) What is the oldest stone structure in history?

a) Ziggurat of Ur   b) Great Pyramid   c) Step Pyramid   d) Mastaba

64) What is the largest stone structure in history?

a) Ziggurat of Ur   b) Great Pyramid   c) Step Pyramid   d) Mastaba

65)What were pyramids mainly used for?

a) Observing the heavens  b) Alien landing platforms  c) Tombs for pharaohs

66) Who wrote the first code of laws (complete)?

a) Hammurabi  b) Moses,  c) Ur-Nammu  d) Justinian

67) What was the greatest/most important Sumerian invention?

a) boats  b) schools  c) religion  d) writing

68) What is the oldest work of written literature?

a) Epic of Gilgamesh  b) The Iliad  c) The Bible  d) Book of the Dead

69) Why is Hatshepsut important historically?

a) Builder of many temples b) first peace treaty  c) first woman pharaoh

70) What was unique about the discovery of Tutankhamen’s (King Tut’s) tomb?

71-73) Name 3 Egyptian gods.

74-75) Which of these was NOT a Persian god?

a) Ahura-mazda  b) Anu   c) Ahriman

76) What was the Egyptian scientific innovation that we still use today?

a) Solar calendar  b) Boats  c) the Wheel  d) Astronomy

77) Name the world’s first nation state.

a) Sumer    b) Assyria    c) Egypt    d) Babylonia

78) Which of these was not one of the 4 ancient river valley civilizations?

a) Tigris and Euphrates Rivers b) Songhai River  c) Nile River  d) Yang Tze River  e) Indus  River

79) Which civilization created the world’s first empire?

a) Assyrian  b) Neo-Sumerian  c) Akkadian  d) Babylonian

80) What is the name of the event in which Nebuchadnezzar II captured Jerusalem and placed the Jews in slavery?

a) Babylonian Captivity b) Exodus c) Armageddon d) Captivity of the Jews

81) Which culture was the first to use iron weapons?

a) Kassites  b) Elamites  c) Hittites  d) Babylonian

82. What is the name of the world’s largest religious structure?

a) The Vatican  b) Notre Dame Cathedral  c) Ziggurat of Ur d) Temple of Amen-Re   

83) What is the world’s oldest type of art?

a) Sculpture  b) Painting c) Mosaic  d) Architecture

84) Which discovery separates Paleolithic from the Neolithic period?

a) writing b) domestication of animals c) agriculture d) both b and c

85) What is the oldest city in the world?

a) Catal Huyok b) Jericho c) Jerusalem d) Rome

86) What is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?

a) Catal Huyok b) Jericho c) Jerusalem d) Rome

Identify the name of the art work, the style (type) and one other piece of information.

1.              2. hammurabi

3.           4.

5.   6.

7.               8.   

9.stonehenge       10.

11.     12.

13.   14.


17. v136200a  18.

19. dynastie_zero 20.

 22. achu0505

23.   24. 

25. 26.

27.  28.    


31. menkaure 32.

33. 34.

35.   36.

37.  38.

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