Access to Court – Taxpayer Type Suits

Session 2 Discussion – Access to Court – Taxpayer Type Suits

What factors should be considered when granting access to Court for taxpayer lawsuits?

  • Should it be mere injury?
  • Should there be a lower limit on the financial impact on the taxpayer?
  • What level of congestion of the Courts should be acceptable?
  • Consult page 30-31 and defend your answer. ( I have highlighted this portion yellow in the attached word document)

Session 2 Discussion – Article 1 Authority for Legislation

Congress has engaged in a Bailout plan for the financial sector and for vehicle manufacturers. Congress has the power to tax and spend under section 8, but how does this Financial Bailout plan fit within that section since congress has only enumerated powers? Review the entire text of Article I for this exercise.

Session 2 Discussion – Article II Duty of the President

Section 3 is the real meat of this section. Given the fact that Congress is the law making apparatus, what is the duty of the President? Do you believe that there is latitude in his execution of the law? Compare and contrast your answer with the quote by President Roosevelt on p. 24. . . .”duty to do anything that the needs of the Nation demanded unless such action was forbidden by the Constitution or by the laws.” (I highlighted  this portion of page 24 in pink)

Session 2 Friedman Discussion

Land And Labor
Do you think the correlation between Slavery and undocumented workers is a fair analogy? Why or Why Not?


Which system of property rights do you feel works best based on the lecture and text? (see attached lecture word document)

Session 2 Current Events

Please post current event article for this week that is happening in the U.S. and  provide a link to the article you have selected  and also  give a brief discussion about the article.

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