Operation Management

You are going to pick a project to work on related to the aggregate and construction industry that you will continue through CLA1, PA2, and CLA 2. This project will be about how you are going to change a process at your workplace. This could be about reducing cost, reducing waste, increasing sales, increasing customer service or any process in manufacturing or service.

For this paper, you will define the system in its entirety and the specific goals you wish to accomplish. This cannot be arbitrary (e.g., increasing customer service – too vague) but must have a specific dimension that you are specifically addressing that will be later measured.

●  You will start with a problem statement

●  You will then define the project objective or purpose, including the business need addressed

●  You will define the scope

●  You will list the deliverables (i.e., objective measures of success)

●  You will define who is your customer and why you believe this to be so.

You are not coming up with any solutions at this point but are defining the problem.

Remember, you will need your textbook and six (6) peer-reviewed sources.

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