The Anthropology of Pandemics

Please be sure to answer completely, reference all the articles and videos in your topic area . If you do both topics, you can earn a few points extra credit.

A. The Anthropology of Pandemics:

Read the following 4 articles provided in Content:

Infographic: A History of Pandemics”
“Destroyed Habitat creates the perfect Conditions for Corona Virus to Emerge”
“How the Corona Virus likely started with a Bat”
“Corona virus holds key lessons on how to fight Climate Change”
And then watch the video below:


Looking at the timeline provided in the Infographic, how are recent pandemics (20th and 21st centuries) different from earlier pandemics? Explain and reference.
What are similarities between Ebola and Covid-19? What are the differences?
What are possible positive and negative impacts of this global pandemic?
Do you think America and/or the world will learn any lessons from this pandemic that will result in changes in behavior and/or policies? Why or why not?
B. Anthropology and Climate Change (regional affects):

Read the Following articles provided in Content:

AAA Statement on Climate Change
Controlling Nature and Transforming Landscape in the Early Modern Caribbean
Expect a massive refugee migration if climate change is ignored.
And watch the following videos.


Explain the process and impacts of Climate Change?
How has the Colonial history of the Caribbean made it more vulnerable to climate change? Explain
In the AA statement on Climate Change , it states, “the impacts will fall unevenly.” Explain why?
What, if anything, can island communities do to mitigate the impacts of climate change?

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