Subject: System Testing and Verification

                                               Subject: System Testing and Verification                                   


Hospital is growing fast due to most recent COVID-19 epidemic. It looks like current data center would be able to handle the influx of new Patients. And, this is happing fast, there is need for better Patient processing   to keep track of the COVID-19 cases and update website. Your team tasked to develop new web site for a Hospital. Your Agile Development team has been staying close to Hospital IT team and adapt quickly to changing conditions for the new website.

The new website will have following features:

Patient portal:  Where, Patients will be able to register, schedule hospital visits, access and read the bold test results and make payment with credit card. Access to Patient database.

Doctors portal: Enter system and check the schedule and review Patient reports in the Patient database. Access to Patient database.

COVID-19 Portal: The companies, government intuitions and research centers can access the hospital database for the recent COVID-19 epidemic numbers.

QUESTION 1:  When you would perform system testing for this new IT system?

QUESTION 2:  What type of System Testing Types you would implement?

QUESTION 3:  Give an example of functional testing that you would apply to hospital’s new IT system?

QUESTION 4:  What are the Automated testing advantages, and benefits of Automated Testing?                                 

QUESTION 5:  What are the expected limitations of Automated Testing?

QUESTION 6:  Write user story from a Doctor side form “User Acceptance Testing”

QUESTION 7:  What is the security audit questions you would consider for the new website?

QUESTION 8:  What were the defenses strategies you would use against web reconnaissance to protect COVID-19 Portal.

QUESTION 9:  Overseas based research centers raised complains: the website is crashing. It happens, when they are trying the download the COVID-19 epidemic numbers after 5PM their local time (it is after midnight at the Hospital datacenter). What likely went wrong and how you can modify your testing approach to ensure that your software is intuitive and error free?

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