Argumentative/persuasive essay

Assignment Sheet for Essay 5, an argumentative/persuasive essay: Using evidence from your first four
essay assignments, your 1st four essays, 8 Smarthinking reports, and my comments on essays 1, 2, and 3 (job
Audience: Your professor.
Purpose: to present what you have learned about considering audience and purpose, organizing an essay
(introduction with thesis statement), 5-step method of paragraph development, conclusion), MLA format with
in-text citations and a works-cited page, writing personal narratives, creating a resume and cover letter with a
specific audience and purpose in mind, and using MCC library databases to research and write a documented
informative essay.
Your essay will begin with an introduction using an opening strategy (“hook”), relate the hook to your topic,
explain/elaborate on the topic, and transition to a thesis statement. Your thesis statement must make a claim
about what you’ve learned, how you’ve improved, and how you need to continue working on your academic
writing skills.
You can use first-person reference for this essay as you form a thesis statement about what you have learned,
what areas in which you have shown improvement, and what areas you continue improving. Your evidence to
support your topic sentences will be from Smarthinking reports, my comments, and your own essays. Use
attributive tags but no parenthetical documentation and no works-cited page. For example, you could say,
“Smarthinking tutors for all three of my first essays commented that I needed to correct sentence fragments,
but the tutors for Essay 4 found no sentence fragments.” The attributive tags are the info that attributes the
comments to the tutors for specfic essays. Then, you would explain what you’ve learned about sentence
fragments, what they are, how to recognize them, how to correct them.
Organize the essay using the first 5 items in the “Content” module “Writing Help” in Brightspace.
From the syllabus, “The expectations for each assignment are as follows:
● fufills the requirements of the assignment
● stays on topic and follows clear organizational principles
● uses standard, edited business American English (Jesse Jackson called it “the cash language.”)
● follows MLA format”
The grading rubric for all essays is also in the syllabus, but I won’t reprint it here.
Your essay should be 3-5 pages long using Arial 12-point font in exact MLA format. Be sure to set the
“after” spacing at zero, not the default 8 or 10 and also check the box that says something like “Don’t
add space between paragraphs,” so that you have true double spacing.

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