What it means to be human

Essay Assignment Instructions

For this Assignment, you will write a 900–1,200-word essay incorporating concepts you have learned throughout the course, specifically about the integration of psychology and theology in the pastoral counseling setting.

  1. Using supportive scriptural evidence, describe your worldview by explaining your beliefs on:
    1. What it means to be human. (at least150 words)
    1. How your worldview influences the biological (physical), psychological (mental), sociological (relational), and spiritual life of the individual. (at least 150 words)
  • Utilize the models/texts discussed in this course to describe your personal view of integrating psychology and theology. (at least 400 words)
    • What is your view on the use of prayer and Scripture in counseling? (e.g., Should it be used? When should it not be used?)
    • Discuss your viewpoint on how healing happens. (What are both the psychological and theological factors that contribute to healing?)
  • Provide a solid argument/rationale for why you believe your personal view of integrating psychology and theology is a credible approach for pastoral counseling (at least 200 words). Explain what differentiates your integration theory from others. You may appropriately criticize other theoretical frameworks to help explain your point of view. (You can write in the first person for this section.)

You must include at least three sources (texts, books, journal articles, etc.) in addition to at least two biblical references.

Your Assignment must adhere to current Turabian or APA format. Students in the School of Divinity (SoD) will use Turabian Form in all PACO prefix courses, and students in the School of Behavioral Sciences (SoBS) will use APA in all PACO prefix courses.

This Assignment will be submitted via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

Submit your Essay by 11:59 p.m. (ET) onSunday of the assigned Module.

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