Personal Theories Paper Instructions

Personal Theories Paper Instructions


Your Personal Theory Paper should reflect your current integration of counseling theory from a Christian perspective, with emphasis on how your Christian beliefs and values impact your theory and practice. The paper should incorporate references to several of the theorists discussed in this course, showing how you are influenced by his/her contributions and thinking.

The paper must be 10–12 typed, double-spaced, pages and must meet the requirements of the Personal Theory Paper Grading Rubric. It must be typed in Microsoft Word, with 1-inch margins and follow current APA or Turabian formatting.

You will prepare a Reference Page in Module 4: Week 4″, which will help begin to build the foundational elements of your final paper while identifying any formatting mistakes that may need to be cleaned up before the final paper is due. Note that the final paper length does not include the Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, References, or Appendices you may choose to incorporate.

You will prepare an Outline during Module 6: Week 6″. The outline will help to organize your ideas into major and minor topics. You can also collect specific examples and quotes you would like to include in your paper. The outline is an important document as you develop your final personal theory paper. An Outline example is provided for your review.

Submit your final Personal Theory Paper by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module 7: Week 7″. Remember to save the document’s file header as the assignment index and your initials (PTP_DCR).

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