Millers Finance: Financial goals

Please take a look at the last page of instructions for the case study (attached for your reference). It provides explicit details about what must be included. It is helpful to arrange the work using the 6 focus areas as headings so that nothing is missed. Here’s a hint: be sure that everything that’s listed as “at minimum” is included and address every one of the numbered items. The goal is to make recommendations for action. The complete instruction was included on the last page what to include.
Guidelines for Recommendations
Put your recommendations in a written report that focuses on the following areas:
 Financial goals
 Budgeting
 Managing/reducing debt
 Savings/Investing for the future
 Paying Taxes
 Insurance
At minimum, the report should include
 a current and revised budget for the Millers.
 a summary of the Millers’ current financial position and goals.
 A listing of concrete actions for the Millers to take in addressing their financial issues
including describing how the action improves the position.
Your recommendations should consider these issues AND other recommendations for the Miller
1. planning for unforeseen expenses or emergencies
2. more efficient handling/reducing current debts
3. reviewing their goals
4. possible changes to their insurance: auto, life, disability
5. saving for retirement and education expenses
6. state and federal taxes
7. plans for Scott’s inheritance

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