LD9616 Leadership for SMEs

LD9616 Leadership for SMEs

A critical literature review relating to leadership, leadership competencies and relevant self-awareness frameworks and the extent to which reliable knowledge about the characteristics of an effective leader and leadership in SME can be determined 1,400 words (40%) (MLO 1,MLO2)

Produce a Personal Development Plan (600 words) for your future leadership competence development to address any gaps in your leadership potential, you have identified (15%) (MLO3)

A critical self-appraisal of your potential as an effective leader within an SME context drawing upon the findings from your self-awareness process.   This should include a reflection of your values and emotional intelligence and the subsequent implications on your ethical leadership (25% )(MLO4) AOL 5 collection point

The completion of a module learning log consisting of weekly sheets which are completed to build a total log (20%)

Part A 40 marks 1400 words

Part B 15 marks 600 words

Part C 25 marks 1000 words

Part D 20 marks 1000-2000 words

Due 1.18

LD9631 Developing Research Informed Learning and Practice 

A 1,500 word critical review of literature relating to a business topic to be allocated by the module leader.  (40% weighting)  (MLO1, MLO2, MLO3)

A 1,500 word critical appraisal of your learning preference(s) results on the specific theories / models covered in the class.  This should include a discussion of the implications these results have for your learning development on this programme.  (40% weighting) (MLO4) AOL 4 COLLECTION POINT

The completion of a module learning log consisting of a total of 6 learning reflective logs (20%)

Part A 40 marks 1500 words

Part B 40 marks 1500 words

Part C 20 marks 估计1000-2000 words

Due 1.14

LD9632BLZ01 SME Project 

Due 1.7

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