How could the UK’s Industrial Strategy be more closely aligned with a responsible innovation approach?

Assignment 2: Essay (75%)

The essay is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you understand what this module is about. It will require substantial engagement with the module readings. You are encouraged to draw on what you have learned through your degree programme to create a novel and engaging essay that will be useful in the next stage of your career.

Please address ONE of the following questions:

  1. How could the UK’s Industrial Strategy be more closely aligned with a responsible innovation approach?
  2. How can artificial intelligence or biotechnology be directed to address societal challenges in a responsible way, and what are the challenges of doing so?
  3. How can new forms of doing business (e.g. circular economy, inclusive innovation) contribute to solving global or societal challenges through a responsible innovation approach?
  4. How could technology be developed responsibly in a Low or Middle Income Country?
  5. You can suggest your own essay question, but I will need to agree in advance so speak to me about it early on in the module. The deadline for this is 30/10/20.

This assignment is an individual assignment worth 75% of the module mark.

The assignment is due: 12th December 2020.


  • 2250 word essay;
  • You must answer ONE of the set questions. Please state clearly at the top of the essay which question you are answering;
  • A title (that is not the essay question), an introduction and conclusion;
  • An argument;
  • Specific examples and case studies;
  • APA referencing
  • Engagement with the module readings.

In addition to details on essay writing and marking criteria available on ELE, session 8 is devoted to the essay assignment. There will also be an opportunity to talk about the essay in the seminars and I am available to discuss the essay in my office hours.

 Critical engagement with readingRelevance of content to essay titleStructure of argument and critical thoughtFluency of writing, grammar and spellingCitation and referencing
FailLittle or no reading evident, even within the set texts.Little or tenuous connection between title and essay content.Little structure or argument is evident. Relies mostly on undigested sources.The quality of written expression undermines the ability of the work to communicate ideas.Many sources are not acknowledged. Overuse of direct quotations.
3rdLimited use made of texts on reading list. Reading is quoted verbatim with little interpretation or application to own argument.Essay generally addresses title, but with significant lapses and digression. A better approach would be to explore essay question throughout.Argument patchy, inconsistent, or proceeds with conjecture and opinion rather than evidence.While the written style generally gets the content across, clumsiness of expression or errors limit effective communication.Some sources are acknowledged but there are significant gaps or inconsistencies in the format. Overuse of direct quotations.
2:2Effective use made of reading but largely confined to set reading list. No evidence of broader reading, resulting in a narrow or limited perspective.Content mostly addresses the essay title, but would be improved with more coherent structure. Some tendency to drift away from main point.Essay is mainly supported by evidence but let down by some unsound inferences or unsubstantiated assertion. Insufficient follow up on explanation or illustration of ideas.The quality of the writing communicates effectively, with only occasional lapses. Some work is needed to develop the flow of the paper to improve coherence.All sources are listed in reference section. But APA style not accurate. OR tendency to rely on direct quotations. Better to précis or paraphrase the ideas of others.
2:1Recommended reading used, together with a range of other sources from credible academic sources. Good use of reading to support own point of view.Essay addresses title in a focused and organised way. Essay pursues the question throughout – would benefit from further exploration of key points.A clear and generally well structured essay – most of the argument is supported with links to literature. Improvement would come from more application of concepts and theory to cases.Error-free and clear, the writing generally does justice to the content, with few or minor errors. There is a flow to the work which results in a coherent paper.Where necessary, complex sources are correctly referenced and traceable. Judicious quotation adds to the quality of the essay.
1stEvidence of extensive reading. Includes critical evaluation and skilful synthesis of sources to make coherent points. Reading is used in support of own ideas, regularly applied in practise to illustrate concept or theory.Essay wholly addresses the title and its underlying themes and assumptions. All points made are relevant to answering the question and lead the reading through a coherent exploration.Strong and convincing use of critical analysis. Supported by evidence and informed judgement. The thread of the argument is obvious throughout. Excellent use of examples to illustrate argument.This is a joy to read, the writing style is clear, concise, fluent and readable, significantly enhancing the overall quality of the submission, The reader is drawn effortlessly through a well written narrative.Efforts have been made to trace and appropriately reference primary sources. Faultless adherence to APA referencing style. Quotations are minimal and, where used, skilfully blended and used to illustrate main argument.

Essay Marking Grid

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