Capstone: Ethics Training Presentation

Capstone: Ethics Training Presentation

For the critical assignment, you will take the role of a human services senior employee who must create a powerpoint presentation that could be presented to other employees at your workplace at an Ethics Training Seminar. In consultation with the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals, you will create a creative and engaging powerpoint presentation. Your presentation should include the following:

  1. Select 4 ethical topics that you believe are most relevant to the day-to-day operations for a human services professional and present those to your audience. Be sure to describe the ethical standard and give a thorough rationale for the purpose of the standard and why a human services employee is required to fulfill the standard. Remember to write about these standards as a senior employee communicating to new employees who need to learn this information in order to conduct themselves appropriately in their role.
  2. You must incorporate one brief written vignette (original work, written by you) of a workplace situation involving at least 2 ethical problems. The purpose of this vignette is to serve as a group discussion activity for the training seminar. Therefore, following introduction of the vignette you should have one or more slides that discuss the ethical problems highlighted in the vignette and the potential solutions or actions to take in resolving the hypothetical scenario.
  3. The presentation should conclude with at least 3 recommendations for the new employees about practical steps they can take or suggestions you have to help increase the likelihood of conducting themselves in an ethical manner. These recommendations can be related to one-time actions or ongoing practices that an employee could implement for the purpose of practicing ethically.
  4. On the final slide(s), please discuss how you might approach these topics similarly or differently if you were working in an explicitly Christian organization. Would there be any biblical references (stories, verses, parables) that you would integrate into the presentation that could help make a strong case for the value of Christian, ethical behavior? 

The presentation should include at least 3 academic references (one reference can be your textbook). The presentation should be a minimum of 12 slides of text, plus the title slide and reference slide. The presentation should be creative and engaging, as you would want if you were actually leading the seminar. Please be sure to cite your sources on each slide throughout the presentation for any content that you borrow from journal articles or books.  

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