Write a 3-4 page essay on one of Watson’s Ten Carative Factors

Write a 3-4 page essay on one of Watson’s Ten Carative Factors. Be very persuasive about the critical importance of your chosen factor. Persuasively explain in your thesis how beneficial it will be to your career in nursing. (I am not a nurse yet, I’m in the first semester of nursing school)

In the supporting body, describe “a caring moment” from your past. Share a story from your nursing career (or life) that demonstrates your positive influence on a patient outcome that relates to the Carative Factor you are interested in. (I haven’t worked with patients)

If you haven’t worked with patients, describe your particular Carative Factor (1-10) in a true life example or behavior that was demonstrated by you, someone you work with, or someone in your life. How did this example embody and support your Carative Factor? How did it apply to a holistic model (treating the mind/body/spirit of the patient as a whole being) rather than a disease-focused medical model. This essay should be from the heart.

*Helpful Tip – Click on the link for Watson’s Carative Factors, and the PDF will give you some ideas for each one. Apply them to your own experience.

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