What is couverture chocolate (definition, explanation, history, application area)

  1. What is couverture chocolate (definition, explanation, history, application area)
  2. Write 300 words regarding this topic
  • Cost per 100g of bulk style cheap chocolate &

Cost per 100g of higher quality couverture

  • What are the costs?
  • Why this cost difference happens? (tastes?  Healthy? Or any other reasons)
  • Conclude this topic in 200 words
  • If using dark, milk, and white chocolate as the main ingredient in a recipe, what would be the difference? (Such as what will be the percentage of each chocolate, and what are the remaining ingredients content)
  • Please include the recipes screenshot for dark, milk, and white chocolate (Example recipes are in the next page, but find some new recipes, thanks)
  • Answer this question in about 350 words
  • A total of 3 pages (double-space) approximately 850 words
  • In-text citations are required if use the external sources
  • Please include the references of the research (There are some useful references are as follows, do not need to use them all)

Fine Chocolate GREAT EXPERIENCE, Jean-Pierre Wybauw, 2004, (p 48-56)

Chocolates and Confections, Peter P. Greweling, CMB, 2007, (p 34-43)

Chocolate Passion, Tish Boyle and Timothy Moriarty, 2000, (p 19, 22-31)

Couture Chocolate , William Curley, 2011, (p 16-21)

Chocolate Bible, Christine McFadden and Christine France, 2003, (p 36-39, 66-68)

Professional Baking Sixth Edition, Wayne Gisslen, 2005, (p 86-90, 633-649)

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate, McFadden, 1997



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