Retailing Giant to High-Tech Player? (Internet Companies)

Case 12: Inc.: Retailing Giant to High-Tech Player? (Internet Companies)

Conduct a strategic analysis using the Executive Summary template.  Prepare and submit a three-page executive summary that discusses what strategic alternatives are available and provide a recommended strategy. 


This supplement to the syllabus is provided to assist you; HOWEVER, it is also a directive on how to adequately accomplish a case analysis. The case format guidelines MUST be followed.

CRITICAL THINKING AND ANALYSIS – As a business/management major, or other major for that matter, and soon to be college graduate, one of the most important skills/abilities you should possess is the ability to engage in critical thinking and analysis (using the skills and knowledge you have learned throughout your education and applying them). You will never have everything presented to you when you are a junior manager/executive, but you are expected to take what you have and use your knowledge and skills to make decisions and to arrive at valid and accurate conclusions, which may and should include “thinking outside the box”.

The information provided below is designed to assist you in case analysis.

Don’t make anything up; just take information from the case and the time frame of when the case was written.  You are required to use problem solving and critical thinking skills in this analysis. If something isn’t specifically stated, then consider the likelihood of it being a possibility for this given firm considering the timeframe that the case is taking place in, and the type of industry that the firm operates in.

Also, DO NOT go on the Internet and look at where the firm is today. The only information about the company that I want you to use in your case analysis is what is contained in the textbook or in any approved outside sources specifically listed.

a. The case analysis will be based on the time frame of the case. For example, if the case was written in 2006, then students will use information from 2006 or earlier publications. 

b. Students will use for references other sources of information as well as the textbook.  These sources should include business magazines and professional journals.  Online sites such as Wikipedia, Portable MBA, Quick MBA are not acceptable references for case analysis in this course.

c. Students should use any of the following magazines and publications as references:

Barron’s, Business Week, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal. However, these aren’t the only outside sources that might be applicable, so don’t limit yourself to just these few. Using Google or other Search Engines can certainly assist you.

d. Make sure that you cite and reference the Case Authors, and NOT the Textbook authors when giving credit for information obtained from the case.

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