Choose any motion picture that purports to portray accurately courtroom proceedings and evidentiary rulings. Watch the movie and then complete the following: For the movie I want you to do the movie Just Mercy.

Please find a way to watch this movie in order to complete the paper. You can also do additional research on the trial court process, courtroom proceedings, evidentiary rulings. You are comparing the movie to real life courtroom proceedings, rulings, and legal perspective. Follow the questions below to guide you with this paper and to know exactly how to format it and what you should focus on. 

  1. Summarize the evidentiary rulings that the court makes during the trial.
  2. Research the correctness of these rulings from a legal perspective.
  3. Critique the motion picture’s portrayal of courtroom proceedings and the
    relevant evidentiary rulings.
  4. Explain how this motion picture could affect a layperson’s perspective on
    the trial court process.

A minimum oil 5 pages! This is due on December 3rd at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard New York time

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