Project – Investment Portfolio

Your Project for the Term.

Project – Investment Portfolio.  You will be required to create an investment portfolio for the term. The project involves the setting up of a portfolio at the start of the term and the deadline for the setting up your portfolio is September 25, 2020.  You will be provided a fictional (because I can’t afford to loan everybody the money) $100,000 cash to invest in any investment you want to set up a portfolio. You can buy or sell investments over the duration of the project.  However, trades are nor frictionless – brokerage fees are 1% of the value of the trade. Cash balances receive 1.5% compounded daily. Trades are valued at the close of the next day’s closing prices.  Your well diversified portfolio must have investments in at least 5 of the following segments:

1. Basic materials

2. Consumer Cyclical

3. Consumer Non-cyclical

4. Energy

5. Financials

6. Healthcare

7. Industrials

8. Technology

9. Telecommunications

10. Utilities

If you have any doubt about the segments, you can review the content at

Before selecting any security, you will perform an analysis of the ex-post return, the ex-post risk and the ex-post beta for the investments in your portfolio. This analysis must incorporate observations for at least the last two years which will be submitted with your report.  You are not permitted to invest in a market index nor any managed funds – that just defeats the purpose of the project.

You will provide both a written report as well as a presentation to the class. The project will provide you an opportunity to apply concepts covered in the course to an actual investment portfolio. The project will be evaluated on the analysis of the performance and the quality of the presentation to the class and the quality of the final product. The final paper should not exceed 10 pages (excluding the cover page and source reference pages.)(20% of final grade)

As discussed in class, your selection should be stocks listed on Canadian exchanges so the exchange rates are not going to be an element of your return.

A list of eligible stocks is provided in Brightspace and you can only use the stocks listed on the spread sheet. Sorry, APPL is a US stock and is not eligible.

Securities are bought and sold in blocks of 100 shares (no odd lots) and the shares you were able to buy were purchased in the order that your share order arrived. So if you ordered 5, your order is for 500 shares. Order of 1 means that you ordered 1 block and you receive 100 shares.

The maximum dollar amount is the $100,000 plus any gains you receive for the sale of the securities.

Unused cash receives 1.5% compounded daily or 0.0041095% per day.

Note: closing prices are from and are the closing prices from September 25, 2020

Stock CloseQuant.$
Absolute Software CorporationABT.TO15.20812,160.00
ATS Automation Tooling SystemsATA.TO17.13915,417.00
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS.TO63.87531,935.00
Canopy Growth CorporationWEED.TO18.94611364.00
TC EnergyTRP.TO59.81529,905.00
Cash   781.00
Total   100,000.00

The ending prices will be from the close of November 20, 2020.

You will need to calculate the daily returns on your portfolio and a worksheet will be emailed.

You will need to present an executive summary in class Dec. 1, 3 or 8.

The final write up for your project will be due December 11, 2020. And it is to be submitted in the dropbox,

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