What is Danaher’s core competency? (5 points) Why? (5 points)

MGMT 3900 Group Case Write-up Questions and Scoring Guide (100 points)

Please register as a student with the Harvard Business Publishing website first and then use the following link to access the cases:


Danaher Corporation (HBS case number: 9-708-445):  

  1. Does Danaher maintain sustainable competitive advantage? (5 points) What performance measure do you rely on to make your conclusion? (4 points)
  2. What corporate level strategy that we have discussed in this class best describes  Danaher’s corporate strategy in terms of growth (6 points)?  What are the potential transaction costs that Danaher may encounter when the company implements its corporate strategy? (3 points)
  3. What is Danaher’s core competency? (5 points) Why? (5 points)
  4. Does Danaher benefit from industry analysis? (5 points) How? (4 points)
  5. Danaher categorizes its acquisition targets into three types. Do you think those acquisitions result in diversifications? (5 points) If so, can you further identify them into unrelated/related diversifications? (3 points) What kind of related diversification? (3 points) Why? (3 points) Please explain with at least one example.
  6. Please identify the key resources/capabilities that Danaher has which make Danaher successful (5 points). Utilize the VRIS framework to analyze and explain whether those key resources/capabilities contribute to Danaher’s sustainable competitive advantage (12 points).
  7. Utilize SWOT analysis to identify and summarize the current status of Danaher (12 points).
  8. Do you think Danaher should diversify into the driverless car industry (2 points)? Why (8 points, please support your conclusion with analyses using the theoretical tools that you have learned)?
  9. No grammatical mistakes/typos (5 points).
  10. Proper citations/references (5 points).
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