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Written Assignment Instructions

Please read articles on any five unrelated Accounting topics. What do I mean by unrelated topics? For instance, if you selected one article involving accounting education in colleges, then your second article cannot be on the same or similar topic. Your topics do not have to be restricted to accounting topics covered in the course.

ALL ARTICLES MUST BE RESEARCHED USING THE INTERNET. Your Accounting articles have to be from The CPA Journal, Journal of Accountancy or Accountant Today. The articles must be published in  2018 or 2019 or 2020 and must contain at least 2 pages (equivalent to 8.5”x11”) of text.

On each topic, you are required to write 1 page. Thus you will have written a total of 5 pages

Each topic is divided into two sections and has to be clearly identified, as follows:

Section 1-Summary of the article in your own words (0.5 pages long)

Section 2-Your comments, opinions and any other feedback you wish to provide on the topic (0.5 pages long).


Use letter size paper (8.5″x11″)

Spacing of Work: 1.5 times

Normal Print: 12 font size

Margins: 1″ on all sides

Your work must be presented as follows:

I Cover Sheet

Show your name, course name and number, and semester.

II The next page should list the articles presented with the title of the article, name and date of the source publication and links to them.

III Next, you will present all of the 5 write ups. Each write up must start on a separate page. At the top of each write up, just show the name of the article only.

IV. Next, cite your articles using the APA format. Refer to the library website for details on the APA format.

This assignment is designed to broaden your understanding of the accounting discipline as well as sharpen your Internet research, communication and critical thinking skills.