Fix Government Proposal

To improve your policy paper grade, please make sure that the following issues are corrected.

You may also revise the proposal for reconsideration. Please read the comments below as well as the annotations on the paper. The revised proposal must be submitted to the Revise and Resubmit dropbox no later than 10:00 pm, Nov. 23rd:

  • Due to significant issues with grammar and sentence structure, the prompts (Step 3 of the guidelines) are not clearly and thoroughly addressed. Much attention is required to ensure that each sentence and paragraph is logically consistent and clear. See the annotations on the paper.
  • In-text citations are not formatted correctly per MLA guidelines. The page number is required in the citation if the Works Cited entry contains a page range.
  • Most assertions, facts, and claims are not supported with research citations. The proposal appears to be almost entirely personal opinion.
  • Excessive errors in basic grammar (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and/or sentence structure). 
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