Cultural Diversity Assessment Plan

Cultural Diversity Assessment Plan

Using the same culture you identified in Modules 4 and 5, develop an assessment plan of a healthcare patient/client.                        

StepAssessment ComponentDescription
  1  Physical Appearance   Based on the patient/client’s physical appearance, what indicators would you have that he/she identifies with this culture?   
  2  Speech   Upon speaking with the patient/client, what language(s) would you expect to hear? How would you communicate if the patient/client does not speak your language?   
  3  Questions   Once you have assessed the patient/client’s physical appearance and speech, list 5 pertinent questions you would ask to distinguish additional cultural needs he/she may have?   
  4  Considerations   Name 3 specific considerations you would have when working with this patient/client. (ex: family/visitors, diet, privacy concerns, etc)   
  5  Health Concerns   What are some of the major health concerns or disparities facing people of this culture that should be assessed in this patient/client?   


List at least 1 academic reference and cite it here per APA format.

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