Financial Model (Pro Forma)

 Financial Model (Pro Forma) : The financial model, also known as, the Pro Forma is the story you tell your investors to make them interested in your venture from a financial standpoint.  you will complete a financial due diligence proposal for a potential investor. You will turn in the project as one excel .You must submit detailed financial models with explanatory notes showing how you calculated your projections in applicable sections. My focus here is not on “citations” and “sources”, but on helping you learn to find hard facts to base your entrepreneurial projections upon. Below are the sections to be included in the final project. Each section will be described in detail in file

   I. Format of Written Report: The pro-forma will be built using an Excel workbook template. You will additionally be expected to draft a single page executive summary that identifies key aspects of your business. Be sure to cite sources of information. Points will be deducted for failure to follow the report format.

Report Content: Use Internet, library, text resources, interviews, and any other research means appropriate to collect relevant information pertaining to the evaluation of your idea. 

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