Heart Disease in the United States

SUBJECT: Heart Disease in the United States

You will recall that I was researching heart disease in the United States. I have completed the foundation of my report and have decided who my audience will be. I still have to complete some further research and tie all my points together. 

1. My Progress so far

1.1 Summary of Research so far

So far I have found several sources that could be useful for my report about heart disease in the United States. I have also picked my target audience and have been able to narrow my focus for my report. Initially, my thoughts were all over the place, but after reading over my classmates’ comments I have decided to find certain foods or beverages that could help prevent heart disease and also look into the United States’ food industry regulation versus Europe’s regulations. I might also compare our regulations to China’s to incorporate some more compare and contrast analysis. I think that also mentioning certain foods that one must avoid while trying to prevent heart disease would be beneficial. Narrowing my focus has made it much easier to research more information that is relevant for my report. 

2. Problems I Have Encountered

2.1 Problems: Initially, I was overwhelmed by all the avenues that heart disease could consist of. When I was just researching heart disease as a general topic there was so much data and information available that I didn’t even know where to begin. Since heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the United States for several years I understand why there is so much data available- clearly it’s a huge issue. I needed to find relevant data and only focus on sources that would strengthen my report. 

2.2 Solutions: Once I was able to figure out how to narrow my focus and not just research heart disease as a general topic, my research process became much easier. I was able to find reports that specifically analyzed the United State’s food industry regulations compared to other countries’ regulations. I quickly learned the the United State’s food industry’s regulations are not nearly as strict as other countries in Europe. (I plan on also researching countries such as China to add a bit more compare and contrast analysis.) I also was able to find specific foods that are known to help prevent heart disease. I plan on using that type of information in my report so that I can provide my audience with recommendations backed by science. 

3. How I Will Complete the Project

I plan to continue to find more sources about heart disease in the United States. I want to tie my ideas together so that my report flows well and doesn’t sound or look scattered. I will work on the report over time so that I am not cramming last minute and so that I can obtain solid evidence. I also plan on asking more of my peers or people my age what they would like to improve about their daily lives. From the people I’ve talked to so far it seems as though the consensus is that everyone thinks that they could eat a bit healthier. I think that it won’t be too hard to take the feedback I received into consideration and help that form my report, since ultimately I want my report to be informative and useful. I also plan on mentioning my own experience with heart disease to add a personal touch. 

4. Conclusion

I would love to learn more about what types of foods can help prevent heart disease. Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide my audience with useful information. As I have mentioned before, my target audience will be college students. The reason I chose to have college students as my target audience is because they are young enough to change their current habits and to educate others around them. I’d argue that college students enjoy school and like to educate others as well. I know that whenever I learn something interesting I relay that information onto my parents and they share their findings with their friends as well. I think of it almost like a domino effect, once one person learns something useful they teach someone else as well. College students are still young enough to change their habits and hopefully they’ll be able to carry those healthier habits with them for the rest of their lives. I would like to research which food groups will best reduce one’s chances of getting heart disease. I hope to instill a healthier lifestyle that will hopefully decrease my audience’s risk of heart disease with my research. By choosing heart disease as my topic I hope to learn more about how our diets affect our risk of getting heart disease and I would also like to educate my audience. My ultimate goal is to educate my audience about the dangers of heart disease and to provide some tips and tricks to improve their everyday lives so that they can avoid having to deal with the repercussions of heart disease later in life. 

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