International Business

For this assignment, you are asked to write a reflective essay of 2000 words ( /- 10%) on up to three of the five topics included on the list provided below. Follow the links provided at the end of each question to get further information.

You have the option of focusing on one topic or exploring up to 3 topics, depending on your personal and professional interests. Your work should be thoroughly researched with appropriate references using academic textbooks and journal articles.

Marking criteria:
In-depth research and coverage of the topic
Critical analysis and argumentation
Structure including introduction, body, conclusion, references
References and appendices presented in professional standards with use of Harvard referencing system

Topic 5: Confronting climate risk
“The changing climate is poised to create a wide array of economic, business, and social risks over the next three decades. Leaders should start integrating climate risk into their decision making now.
Climate change needs to become a major feature in corporate and public-sector decision making. As we have noted, physical climate risk is simultaneously spatial and systemic, nonstationary, and nonlinear in its effect. Potential impacts are regressive and rising over time, and stakeholders today may be underprepared to manage them. Decision making will need to reflect these characteristics”.
What are the impact and risks associated with climate change on international business? How can international managers integrate climate risk in the decision-making process and cross-border operations?