Bluewater Football Association (BFA)

You are required to provide a report to the five other members of the BFA on the case for establishing a varsity team for players aged 17 and 18.

In your report you should highlight to the other directors what you believe to be the key points which emerge from your budgetary analysis and make whatever recommendations you consider appropriate. Those recommendations must be fully supported by appropriate budgetary and financial analysis. (The detailed budgets should be included as an Appendix and are not included in the word count). Remember the budgetary calculations are an important tool to be used in reaching a decision but they do not provide the answer – that is your job. You need to think about the wider institutional context in which the organisation sits and to explain and justify your advice.

Your report should be submitted by midday on 17th November and should be no more than 1,200 words. In addition to submitting the report you should submit an Excel file containing your full budgetary calculations. The project is designed to encourage you to apply the theory that you are studying in the classroom in a practical context. The assessments will be marked in accordance with the University marking criteria provided in the Postgraduate Handbook. It will be assessed based on the following criteria:


Quality of budgetary information


Understanding of financial context and consequences


Justification of recommendations


Presentation, writing style, readability, spelling/ grammar


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