What Bilateral agreements exist between the two countries?


What Bilateral agreements exist between the two countries?

The bilateral agreements mean a contract between two or more countries to encourage trade and business. Through this agreement, the countries exclude trade obstacles such as tariffs, import shares, and export limitations to support trade.  (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bilateral-trade.asp)The bilateral agreement allows the development of the market for countries good by determined cooperation between the two countries. Jollibee is a fast-food chain business that is expanding its business chain from the Philippines to Australia.

The Philippines is in one of Australia’s strongest standing bilateral relations. There is extensive recognition that the economic bond between Australia and the Philippines has an important perspective.  For the expansion of Jollibee, from the Philippines to Australia, this strong bilateral relationship between them will help the company in establishing its expansion. Australia’s trade affiliation with the Philippines is maintained by the ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) (https://www.dfat.gov.au/trade/agreements/in-force/aanzfta/Pages/asean-australia-new-zealand-free-trade-agreement) (Chapter 9, pg. 262). ( Both countries have great relations.—professor)

How can your company use this information to create some sort of competitive advantage?

According to https://philippines.embassy.gov.au/mnla/relations.html , Australia is home to 250,000 people of Filipino heritage and due to the emergence of their partnership, the Phillipine economy has been growing greatly since the 1970s. Using this information, Jollibee can create a competitive advantage in that Fillipino businesses are welcomed in Australia, and due to an already present Filipino population in Australia, Jollibee can have a reliable opening and continue to have a market in Australia. This gives Jollibee an advantage, in that businesses from other countries that may not have a bilateral agreement with Australia will have a harder time trying to bring their business over.  

(The FTA reduces import costs for anything that Jollibee will need to bring from the Philippines, and other countries (members of ASEAN and USA)—professor)

Conclusion/Recommendations: Based on your research findings, what changes would you recommend to your proposed strategy?

In conclusion, with our research on both countries the bilateral agreements would not be a major factor when expanding our fast-food business to Australia. As mentioned in our previous responses, the two countries are in good standing with each other. Our company would not need to change our strategy; however, we do need to focus on how we can engage with the community more since there is already a strong establishment of Filipinos. Expanding to Sydney, Australia will continue to build a stronger relationship between the two countries and fits right into our plans.

(At some point, you will need to start calculating the cost to start your operations in Australia—professor)

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