Consider the country where you want to expand your business: What is the political system?

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Consider the country where you want to expand your business: What is the political system?

A political system is a complete set of legal institutions or interested groups, such as lobby groups governed with political rules and norms that coordinate its functions. Australia, a targeted market for Jollibee, is an essential consideration for foreign investors due to its favorable business regulations and policies. The Australian government welcomes and encourages foreign investment consistent with community interest. Setting up a business Australia is fair since the nation believes in its strong and enduring democracy where regulatory frameworks and the rule of law prevail. However, the government can block proposals for companies operating business contrary to national interests.

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: What is the economic system? Do you consider it to be a mixed economy? If so, why?

The economic system of Australia is a mixed economy that utilizes tenants of Western economic systems and has a high GDP and low poverty rate. In 2018, Australia had the highest median wealth per adult. The economy is dominated by the service sector, which makes up 62.7% of the GDP and is responsible for 78.8% of the laborforce in 2017. Australia is a mixed economy because it utilizes a large amount of the private sector for its overall economy, but also employs public enterprises as well. The most integral part of Australia’s economy is the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and is one of the major sources of money flow in Australia. Australia also ranks number one in the Asia-Pacific region for labor, agricultural, and industrial productivity.

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: What is the legal system? Compare it with the country where your company is headquartered. What are the challenges that you foresee? Think about contracts for example.

Australia’s legal system have three parts which are commonwealth government, state/territory government, and local government. For commonwealth government, laws are passed by the Commonwealth Parliament, elected by all Australian citizens who are enrolled to vote. For state/territory government, laws are passed by the state or territory parliament, elected by those Australian citizens who live in that state or territory who are enrolled to vote. Local government by-laws are passed by the local councillors elected by people who live or own businesses within the local government area. For the challenges that we foresee, we must need to get though the state or territory government for the visa. Once the territory government accept us, we are able to reach the requirements and provide documents to support our application. When process is successful, we grante a Business Innovation and Investment provisional visa,and will be valid for 4 years and 3 months. we also may be eligible for the Business Talent visa if we reach three requirements including nominating by a territory government agency, inviting to apply for the visa and having the required funding or assets.

( Can you foresee any complications in signing agreements is Australia when you consider Filipino law Vs. the law in Australia?—Professor)

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: is IP protection important to you? If so, how will you do it?

As our company works toward an expansion plan to reach the Australian market, IP protection is important towards many aspects of our company. For the consumers, having IP protection is key when making transactions with us. Cash registers may be hacked and the privacy of the customer will be at stake. On the other hand, for our business to stand out from competitors our Jollibee bee is our iconic mascot that brings smiles from miles away. Losing the trademark of our Jollibee bee will cause our business to lose part of its core value. This is the reason expanding  branches to Australia will not cause much conflict in the aspects of IP protection. Australia is a strong developed country that takes into account IP protection on trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property for both businesses and individuals. 

Conclusion/Recommendations: Based on your research findings, what changes would you recommend to your initially proposed strategy?

With Australia being a diverse and culturally accepting the expansion of Jollibee was a great idea and not much needs to be modified.

(Consider researching the Filipino population living in Australia and the geographical places where they concentrate—Professor)