Consider the country where you want to expand your business: How can your company change the local culture?

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Consider the country where you want to expand your business: How can your company change the local culture?

Australia represents a predominantly Western culture since the colonization of the British in 1788. According to “Global Business Tody”, Australia’s work-related value for individualism is 90, which means the country has a distinct sense of “lucky country.” Since World War II, Australia received an influx of immigrants from around the world, therefore making it the diverse country it is today. While Australia does not collect statistics on racial backgrounds of its citizens, it does have a census that collects information on distinct ancestries. In the 2016 census conducted every five years, 304,000 people claimed to have Filipino heritage. This is important to factor in when bringing in a Filipino restaurant to Australia. Jollibee can change the local culture in that Australians will have a new experience that is associated with the Philippines, and this may cause a larger amount of Filipino people to move to Australia. This can also shift how Australians view Filipino food due to the lack of Filipino cuisine in the area. Since Jollibee is a chain restaurant, it can be more effective at bringing in a consistent customer base and establishing itself in the region, instead of being a niche Filipino restaurant that may not garner as much attention. 

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: What folkways & mores do we need to consider and why?

Folkways are customs or beliefs that are common to a particular society’s members. On the other hand, mores are a set of ethical customs, which are derived from commonly accepted or acknowledged practices. One of the mores that ought to be considered is relationships since Australians highly value relationships and loyalty. Australia is not highly populated, thus getting along with every individual is essential since the probability of crossing paths again is very high. Considering such practices could help attract more loyal customers. Also, people in Sydney are direct communicators and generally talk in colorful language, unlike in various countries. In Sydney, being truthful and upfront can help one build excellent business connections faster.

(Filipinos tend to marry other cultures, expanding the target market potential)— Professor

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: How does religion and education influence your strategy?

Based on my research from Religion in Australia in the census(2016), 30.1% of Australians stated “no religion.” Other faiths include Catholic (22.6%), Christian (16.3%), Anglican (13.3%),etc. For education, Australia has separated in nine steps including pre-schools, primary school, secondary school, colleges, universities, diplomas, graduation degree, master’s degrees, and PHD. However, the business that we open in Australia is fast food and not any religious or political business. Education also doesn’t affect our business because we don’t need to engage workers who have finished high education like diplomas, graduation degrees or master’s degrees. Therefore, we think that there are no effects to our strategy of starting a business, Jollibee in Australia. 

(This is not a “my” research project. This is “our” research. Education will be one of the key variables that will determine consumer choice. Please use textual references. if your target market is highly educated, they may not want to eat fast food like the one that jolibee provides. Alternatively, it may force Jolibee to change its menu—professor)

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: Is an individualistic or collective society? How does it affect our strategy?”

When considering expanding Jollibee to Australia, some research as to how much the country is different from our origins is a key factor to take into account whether the company will succeed or not. Although Australia is an individualistic society, our company believes expanding to Sydney will help increase sales and bring a new light of Phillippino cuisine to the country, as mentioned in earlier responses. For example, when the company had expanded from the Philippines to the United States the same situation had happened. As the United States is known as an individualistic society, similar to Australia, the company had decided to go with Daly City, California. Making Jollibee the first ever Filippino restaurant fast-food chain in United States. Not to mention the company is currently expanding across the States making this become just as popular and a warm welcoming to the new family go-to fast-food resturant chain. We predict the same success will come when we reach Sydney, Australia. 

(Keep in mind that you are targeting a sub-culture that is VERY family oriented. The country may be individualistic but your target market is collective. Going out for the Filipinos is a family sport.—professor)

Consider the country where you want to expand your business: Is social mobility a factor that we should consider? If so, why?

Society plays a significant role in the business, and it affects the operation of an organization. Since Australia emphasizes individualism rather than communism, there are no social class limits on business organizations. Australia is a better place for one to expand their business. since in Australia, social class is not highly emphasized. One can get a better chance to thrive businesswise without the fear of discrimination.

If Jollibee bringing workers from the nation of origin to operate in Australia as per the work permit, social mobility will be one of the main factors to be considered. This is because there will be a need to confirm how different the origin is core to consider it will attain its goals or not. Thus, social mobility will help in determining expounding the organization will boost sales and bring the light to Phillipino cuisine.