Based on LO 12-02, what is the value creation strategy that you want to pursue?

Based on LO 12-02, what is the value creation strategy that you want to pursue?.

Ch 12 

1, Based on LO 12-02, what is the value creation strategy that you want to pursue?

To understand what value creation strategy our company would want to pursue, we must understand what it takes to expand to the new local markets. For Jollibee attempting to expand to Sydney, Australia, our leverage as a company will be how the menu incorporates ube, purple yam, which is not easy to mimic and combine the powerful taste it has for a dish. We will want to pursue a strong relationship with local farmers for the freshest ube. Having a product that our company is known for we would create more value when expanding and use location economies to our advantage for lower prices. (pg. 334) As mentioned in the second question, we will advertise on social media, to create a sense of community bringing together customer interaction and open feedback. This is important for creating more value to the community we expand to because our core value is from the sense of a family environment. 

(External references were omitted—professor)

2, Choose at least three ways on how you are going to differentiate your strategy from the competition. Use references from the “value-chain” (Figure 12-4)

The expansion of Jollibee from the Philippines to Australia is of huge effort, as this is a fast-food chain we should develop or implement several operational strategies to deal with the competition in Australia. According to the textbook and Figure 12-4, the first way to differentiate Jollibee’s business strategy from the competition is through marketing heavily to promote your expansion or introduction(Pg.329).  The strategy of marketing will include promotion through social media sites, as it’s a fast-food chain so they will attract more youngsters or young-adults. Using direct messages or advertisements on Facebook and Instagram will help to reach more customers, this is a powerful way of marketing.

The second way is through Research and Development, as Jollibee is expanding their business in Australia, we should research the wants and needs of the Australian consumers(Pg.329).Through this strategy our firm will be able to design the products and service according to the consumer needs, this research will also include designing products or goods concerning the Australian culture.

The third way to differentiate our strategy from our competitors is through customer services, our firm will introduce several customer services strategies in the business plan to build brand reputation(Pg.329). Firstly, we will seek customer feedback to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their food taste, quality, and ambiance. Secondly, we will hire customer service experts and will train them to treat customers with empathy and patience. Through these three ways, Jollibee will be able to differentiate the strategy from other competitors.

(Good use of textual references. Please consider more factual information rather than “huge” and “heavily”. Also, remember to include external references as well—professor)

3, Could you pursue a strategic alliance (LO 12-5) to help differentiate your market entry strategy? If yes, with whom and why? If not, why not?

According to the textbook, a strategic alliance refers to “cooperative agreements between potential or actual competitors.” When looking at other fast food companies and seeing what strategic alliances they have, we either see a product-based alliance (McDonald’s and Coca Cola), or a partnership/acquisition style alliance. An example of this is one fast food company acquiring another fast food chain in the country they are trying to enter. Since Jollibee will be a new entrant in the fast food industry in Australia, it may be beneficial to pursue a strategic alliance. One option would be to partner with a popular Australian beverage company, and this would allow both parties to benefit from each other advertising their product. This would also further Jollibee’s entrance into the Australian food industry. Another option that Jollibee has employed in the past, is to acquire and create a strategic alliance with a local food chain where Jollibee can both help the local fast food chain as well as implement their own restaurants. According to’s%20is%20still,rest%20of%20the%20top%20five, international food chains are among the most popular in Australia, however there are local chains such as Hungry Jack’s and Red Roosters that may be potential alliances with Jollibee. 

(Good research. What about local farmers and logistic companies?—professor)

4, Conclusion/Recommendations: Based on your discoveries, what changes would you recommend to your current strategy?

Our current strategy hasn’t really changed since we started. We still will depend on the exotic and tasty flavors of the Philippines to captivate the Australian hearts and bellies. We expanded on this by only doing business with local farmers to really accentuate the heart of our products. Other than that we have decided that a strategic alliance would be extremely helpful, and will try that in the future.

(A number of very costly strategies were mentioned above. Make sure that whatever you decide, that Patrick and David include it in their financial analysis—professor)

Based on LO 12-02, what is the value creation strategy that you want to pursue?