Watch movie: I walked with a Zombie vs White Zombie below

1. watch movie: I walked with a Zombie vs White Zombie below

what are some of the differences between two movies? In class we briefly spoke about these differences mostly in terms of quality of production. What do the different productions or the quality of the different productions do regarding the subject matter? I walked with a zombie is often said to be the better production, in what aspects? What are the differences between these films in the use of darkness and blackness as they are generically used for the creation of horror? What are the differences in the use of sound, music, ritual, dance, and the overall use of zombies, zombification, and voodoo?

2. Thinking about movie Scream, Blacula, Scream and Candyman(1992)

We briefly discussed black horror as horror flim with black people as prominent characters and horror films about the horror of blackness and being black. With these loose distinctions of black horror and the differences that these distinctions suggest between the horror film (broadly conceived in American film) and black horror (in dialogue with or as a critique of the horror film) and  with reference to the two films above: what is the difference between horror film and black horror? What aspects of the genre are deployed or explored differently in order to make the distinction? How is darkness, blackness, and black characters given meaning in black horror? Are there different stories or plots that enable black horror vs the horror film? W hat might the goal of black horror be, marketing and demographic targeting or cultural critique? Futhermore, considering the discussions of Afro-pessimism and anti-blackness and the use of darkness and blackness in black horror, what do these films achieve regarding the representation of race, contemporary society, and/or black people? 

3. Movie: The Witch, Night of the Living Dead, 28 days Later, Girl with all the gifts, I walked with a zombie, White Zombie, Get Out

What are the changes or transitions in the genre when thinking of these films? What in society, do you think, informs the changes in film and genre? How does horror manifest resistance or conservation of cinematic and cultural traditions (you may want to think specifically about The Witch and Get Out here)? About zombies and zombification: what are the differences between the two sets of zombies? Furthermore, what is the difference between the two types of zombification (how the zombies come to be zombies from humans)? In the contemporary zombie films how are darkness and blackness used? Are they used as the same metaphors in the both sets of zombies, or do blackness and darkness metaphorically refer to something different in the classic vs contemporary zombie? Can you argue that contagion is a contemporary metaphor for blackness, if so how? Does contagion merely perform as a new or recent metaphor in the horror genre? Or is contagion a familiar, old, tried and true horror icon and metaphor newly applied as zombies and zombification?

for each question please answer 150-200 words

You dont have to answer all the sub-questions, just think as that way

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