Social media should receive more recognition

Essay 3: Academic Argument

Topic: Social media should receive more recognition

(100 points) Objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative research processes
  • Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution
  • Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose
  • Read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of texts
  • Use Edited American English in academic essays


Write an academic argument in which you analyze a complex issue in detail. Your essay should be 5-7 pages in length and cite at least 5 sources from research. You will also use APA format for documentation of sources and format. 

There are many other topics such as global warming or globalization of business and industry. Choose one that interests you and that you want to do in-depth research on. 

As you think about your topic, consider the following aspects: (pp. 411-416)

  • Get to know the conversation surrounding your topic. What are the issues and what are the controversies? What key issues seem to be at stake? (p. 411)
  • Assess or evaluate what you know and what you don’t know about your topic. What will you need to research? (pp. 411-412)
  • Come up with a claim about your topic. It should be controversial; that is, it should present your position on the issue. (p. 412)
  • Consider your rhetorical stance and purpose. (pp. 412-413)
  • Think about your potential audience for your argument. (p. 413)
  • Consider the evidence you gather – evaluate the quality of your sources (see chapters 18 & 19) and usefulness, be careful and document each source, review APA format for the information you will need for the References page. (pp. 413-415)
  • Organization of ideas (p. 415-416)

As with the Proposal Argument, you may include visuals, but they must serve a clear purpose and further your argument.


  • 5-7 page essay presenting an academic argument
  • 5 sources for research (minimum)
  • APA documentation for format and documentation

            Draft posted for Peer Review 3 by Sunday, November 15 at 11.59 pm

            Peer Review 3 completed by Friday, November 20 at 11.59 pm

            Essay 3 due Sunday, November 22 at 11.59 pm